Imports requests from csv file.

Available for admins who has "manual_debit_credit_accounts" permission.

Users' accounts can be credited/debited in bulk.

The API allows admin to import CSV files with required requests. The file should have appropriate structure.

It is created credit or debit requests from csv file.

File should contain following columns: "Account number", "Debit or Credit", "Amount", "Description", "Earnings", "Apply MIT Fee".
File may contain header row with column names "Account number", "Debit or Credit", "Amount", "Description", "Earnings", "Apply MIT Fee". Header row is not required

#Column NameColumn Description
1Account numberAn existing account number.
2Debit or CreditRequest type. Possible values: "debit" or "credit".
3AmountAmount that should be added or subtracted.
4DescriptionDescription of the request.
5EarningsIndicates whether to use earnings amount in the request (debit/credit depends on second colum). Values: "yes" or "no".
6Apply MIT FeeIndicates whether to apply MIT Fee. Possible values: "yes" or "no".
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